June 1938

Volume 7 Number 3  (75 of 88)




This issue of Popular Flying magazine features NO “Biggles” story.  The last “Biggles” story was published in the May 1934 issue



This issue runs from page 109 to page 164 (56 pages)


Inside Front Cover – Advert for Lockheed Hydraulic Actuation


Page 110 – Contents Page

(The contents page is by an advert for Wills’s Gold Flake cigarettes)



Page 112 – A landscape photograph of the crater of the Mornotombo volcano on the South American run of Pan-American Grace Airways


Page 113 – The Editor’s Cockpit – W. E. Johns

(Subtitled – Empire Air Day.  In a very short editorial Johns regrets the passing of the Royal Air Force Display and talks about Empire Air Day)


Page 114 – Battle Flight – K. M. Sclanders

(“Slow, lumbering lorries of the sky, the old type bombers have had their day.   In their place are sleek, rakish monoplanes, so fast that, despite every defence precaution, their attacks inevitably contain an element of surprise.  Hence, our fighter squadrons must constantly endeavour to reduce the interval between the first report of enemy raiders and the arrival of defending machines at operational height.”)


Page 118 – First Atlantic Air Mail Flights – William Courtenay

(“Britain is likely to be first over the North Atlantic Ocean with an air mail service”)


Page 120 – “Flying Fever” in the Holy Land – Louis Katin

(“Since Palestine came under British protection twenty years ago, there have been some remarkable developments in what was until then a country of biblical interest alone.  To-day, Palestine is largely westernised, with modern cities, a national electric grid, man industries, and an excellent system of communications in which aviation is playing an increasingly important part.”)


Page 122 – The First Night Deck-Landings – R. J. D. Drummond

(The author tells how – although it had been done once before – he was sent to try and land on the aircraft carrier, H.M. Furious)



Page 125 – World Premier Flight – Malcolm Logan

(A comedic look at the legendary flights of Daedalus and Icarus – with cartoon illustrations)


Page 128 – From Airman to Cabinet Minister – Biographical Sketch of General Goring – by “Vigilant”

(Biographical Sketch of General Goring – Hermann Goring –  “It is not my province to discuss the virtues or vices of the political creed in which he has found his career.   Naturally, his actions are often severely criticised by opponents of National Socialism, but unprejudiced persons must admit that he is a strong character who has triumphed by sheer pluck over reverses which would have crushed a lesser personality”.)


Page 130 – Gliding for Joy – J. S. Fox

(The author recently broke the British Distance Record)


Page 133 – Wireless for Aeroplanes – J. A. McGillivray

(An article about how wireless installation can add greatly to air safety as well as how when a

wireless station is situated near an aerodrome of destination a pilot can “home” on it.)



Pages 136 and 137 – The Centre Pages – Training the Fledgling Air Force


Page 138 – Flying Wires

(One interesting item is “the 932 acres of Crown lands near Ilford, Essex,

which have been acquired for building an airport for the City of London, were purchased fro £289,700.”)


Page 140 – ‘Planes and Personalities – A Monthly Causerie – by “Observer”

(This includes a particularly interesting paragraph headed “Conqueror of Immelman” about G. R. McCubbin,

the man who shot Immelman down and where he is now, together with his short account of the aerial battle)


Page 144 – Aviation Bookshelf

(Five books are reviewed this mont including ‘French War Birds’ by “Vigilant”)


Page 146 – Leaves from an Armourer’s Diary – D. B. Knock (Part 2)

(The diary continues with fascinating experiences aiding the white Russians against the Red Russians in 1919 until demobbed in September 1919)


Page 164 – The Buyers’ Log

(The most notable advert is “Royal Air Force – Vacancies for Pilots – Candidates are required in large numbers for short service commissions to train and serve as pilots.  No previous experience is necessary.  Age 17 ½ to 25 years.  They must be educated to the standard of the School Certificate, be unmarried and of good physique.  Appointments are for four years, followed by six years’ reserve service.  Gratuity of £300 payable.  Apply (by post card) to Secretary (Dept. S.7, P.F.), Air Ministry, London.”)


Inside Back Cover – Advert for Greys cigarettes


Back Page – Adverts for ‘Brico’ and ‘Covmo’ Cylinder Liners – “Partners in the prevention of cylinder wear”


Click here to see a much larger picture of the cover artwork – the artist is Howard Leigh