February 1938

Volume 6 Number 11  (71 of 88)




This issue of Popular Flying magazine features NO “Biggles” story.  The last “Biggles” story was published in the May 1934 issue



This issue runs from page 601 to page 668 (68 pages)


Page 604 – Contents Page

(The contents page is by an advert for the London Gliding Club)



Page 606 – Nice Work - A photograph of the Santos Dumont Airport, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


Page 607 – The Editor’s Cockpit – W. E. Johns

(Not Subtitled – Johns bemoans the secrecy that stops him talking about the strength of the Royal Air Force.

“What in thunder is the use of having a pistol if you don’t let the other fellow know you have got something to shoot back with?” )


Page 608 – Condors East of the Andes – T. Wewege-Smith

(The author talks about his adventures fighting for the Bolivian Government for £25.00 per month)


Page 612 – City Air Defence – Nigel Tangye

(This article takes a futuristic look at how Cities may have to be to withstand modern warfare.  The author comments that “a prophet who takes upon himself the unenviable task of foretelling the wonders of the future must, if his prophecies are to be convincing, confine himself to the development of contemporary devices and ignore the temptation to introduce new principles”.)


Pages 614 – The Royal Air Force of Sweden – Leonard Bridgman

(A history of Swedish aviation and an account of the formation of the Swedish Royal Air Force on 1st July 1926)



Page 618 – Landmarks from the Air – G. W. Miller


Page 620 – Balloons versus Bombers – T. Stanhope-Sprigg

(An account of how balloons trailing wires are used to prevent aircraft – particularly bombers - flying overhead)


Page 622 – The Case for State Assistance to Aerodrome Owners – Charles M. Newton

(Air transport interests say that internal airlines cannot develop in this country until there are more and better equipped aerodromes, but aerodrome owners say they cannot sink any further capital in their aerodromes until further income is forthcoming, or some form of State assistance is guaranteed”)


Page 627 – Aerodrome Lighting for Night Flying – W. A. Villiers

(The function of aerodrome lighting is to enable a pilot to take off and land as easily by night as by day,

thus making it possible to operate regular passenger or mail services with departures or arrivals after dark”.

The article discusses such things as location beacons, obstruction lights and boundary lights)


Page 630 – Aerodromes -  The Electrical Aspect – J. V. Brittain

(This article discusses the supply and distribution of the vital electricity supplies for aerodromes)


Page 632 – Flying Wires – Brief News from Far and Near

(One interesting items of news from 1938 is that “it is more than likely that Gatwick airport will be considerably enlarged in the near future”)



Page 633 – War Birds on Parade (5) – How many can you name? - Six glossy black and white photographs of aircraft from the Great War

(“No prize is offered for this memory test, but the Editor will present a book to the reader who sends in the first correct list.

The Editor’s decision must be final.

 Last month’s list: (19)  F.E.4; (20) B.E.12; (21) Wight and Thompson F.B.; (22) Curtiss Twin Canada Type; (23) Bristol Bomber Triplane; (24) Wight Seaplane).  No correct result was received.)



Pages 634 and 635 – The Centre Pages – The Dawn of the Airport Age – Eight black and white photographs of different airports


Page 636 – Fire – Fighting Appliances for Aerodromes



Page 637 – A particularly striking advert for the Bristol Aeroplane Co. Ltd., Filton, Bristol.


Page 638 – Modern Airport Refuelling Equipment – F. W. Wooton

(The three main methods of refuelling are “the straightforward electrically operated pump and meter unit;

the hydraulic system and the mobile or portable system”)


Page 641 – ‘Planes and Personalities – A Monthly Causerie of Men and Machines – By “Observer”

(The article discussed amongst other things, F. Dismore, who joined the Royal Flying Corps in 1912 – a year before they even had uniforms (everybody previously wore the uniform of his original unit).  He was an instructor between 1914 and 1917 before being posted to the Western Front where he scored three victories.  After the war he joined a company which amalgamated with Imperial Airways and he is now celebrating his 25th anniversary as a pilot)


Page 645 – Aviation Bookshelf – Books of the Month

(Three books are reviewed, including Jane’s ‘All the World’s Aircraft’ (price 2 guineas - i.e. two pounds and two shillings)

 – which is such a leading authority that it prompted the comment:

“What would happen if the editors made a mistake?  How would all the other people explain how they came to make the same mistake?”)



Page 663 – An advert for Frog Model Aircraft


Page 668 – The Buyers’ Log


Inside Back Cover – Advert for De Reszke Minors cigarettes


Back Page – Adverts for Brico Maxigrove rings and Covmo “Mark SS” Pistons


Click here to see a much larger picture of the cover artwork – the artist is Howard Leigh