December 1937

Volume 6 Number 9  (69 of 88)




This issue of Popular Flying magazine features NO “Biggles” story.  The last “Biggles” story was published in the May 1934 issue



This issue runs from page 485 to page 544 (60 pages)


Page 488 – Contents Page

(The contents page is by an advert for Players’ Airman Flake)



Page 490 – Magister in Flight – A photograph of a pupil in one of the new Miles Magisters.


Page 491 – The Editor’s Cockpit – W. E. Johns

(Not subtitled – Johns writes about Dictators.  He looks back at the Dictators of history as well as the current ones, Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini)


Page 494 – The Ideal Air Liner – William Courtenay

(An article about the lack of suitable British Air Liner and how other companies will take the lead)


Page 497 – Pioneer – The Centenary of Robert Cocking

(“Britain’s first Parachutist – killed 1837”)


Pages 498 – Why No Fatal Air Crashes in Canada? – Edward Green

(An article about air crashes in the USA)


Page 500 – Flying Film Fakery – Nigel Tangye

(A fascinating article about the authors work in the film industry following working on H. G. Wells “Things to Come”)


Page 502 – Aerial Russia – W. E. J.

(Johns asked if Russia’s colossal air force really exists?)



Page 505 – War Birds on Parade (3) – How many can you name? - Six glossy black and white photographs of aircraft from the Great War

(“No prize is offered for this memory test, but the Editor will present a book to the reader who sends in the first correct list.  The Editor’s decision must be final.  Last month’s list: (7) Sopwith Kitten; (8) Barnwell Bullet; (9) Sopwith Snail; (10) Hamble Baby Seaplane; (11) Blackburn Blackbird; (12) Beardmore Fighter.  No correct answer was received.)


Page 506 – Ten Months with Fifty-Four – Milford Hyde, M.C. (G. A. Hyde, writing as Milford Hyde)


 Page 509 – An Air Holiday in the North – J. Carmichael (W. E. Johns’ son)

(The author writes about his flight to Amsterdam and then on to Copenhagen)


Page 512 – Flying Wires – Brief News from Far and Near



Page 513 – A striking colour full page advert showing various silhouettes of aircraft “All Equipped with Lockheed”



Pages 514 and 515 – The Centre Pages – Wings Everywhere – Five glossy black and white aviation photographs


Page 516 – That’s Flying – That Was! – Typical illustrations from old books on Aerostation



Page 517 – Popular Flying BOOK supplement – An Air Library – by The Editor

(W. E. Johns talks about the expansion of his library of books and recommends various titles in it.

For information only, I attach a picture of what Johns’ own personal library bookplate looked like.)

(NB - This is NOT a picture that was published in Popular Flying).



Page 519 – Books of the Month

(Over pages 519, 520 and 521 four books are reviewed.  On page 520 there is an advert for The ‘Biggles Books’ by Capt. W. E. Johns)


Page 523 – ‘Planes and Personalities – A Monthly Causerie of Men and Machines – by “Observer”


Page 535 – Air Mails of 1937 – Francis J. Field


Page 528 – Slipstream


Page 530 – Modern Aircraft – The “Miles Magister”


Page 538 – Under the Windstocking

(“Readers’ Correspondence, conducted by the Editor”)


Page 544 – The Buyers’ Log


Inside Back Cover – Advert for Minors cigarettes



Click here to see a much larger picture of the cover artwork – the artist is Howard Leigh