August 1937

Volume 6 Number 5  (65 of 88)




This issue of Popular Flying magazine features NO “Biggles” story.  The last “Biggles” story was published in the May 1934 issue



This issue runs from page 253 to page 308 (56 pages)



Inside Front Cover – An Advert for the Bristol Aeroplane Co. Ltd, Filton, Bristol referring to the World Altitude Record of 53,937 feet

(“On June 30th, 1937, the “Bristol” 138a Monoplane piloted by Flt.-Lieut. M. J. Adams, R.A.F., reached a height of 53,937 feet, thus exceeding the existing altitude record by 2,575 feet, and establishing a new World Record for heavier-than-air-craft”)


Page 256 – Contents Page

(The contents page is by an advert for Wills’s Gold Flake)



Page 258 – Ships of the Line – A picture that really needs no caption.  Aircraft in the aircraft park at Hendon on Display Day.


Page 259 – The Editor’s Cockpit – W. E. Johns

(Not subtitled – Johns talks about Royal Air Force Display at Hendon.  He was asked by two people, “Who is Ivor McClure” and spends the rest of the article pondering.  Indeed, the question makes the cover of this months magazine.)



Page 262 – The Empire Flying Boats – A Great Achievement

(This article is illustrated with a dozen photographs of the comfort inside the Flying Boats)


Page 266 – The National Shop Window – The S.B.A.C. “Private View” at Hatfield

(“The latest products of the British Aircraft Industry awaiting demonstration” – but there is no mention of the “Spitfire”)


Pages 268 – Girdling the Globe with Empire Routes – William Courtenay

(An article about the growth of routes and facilities for aircraft and flying boats around the world)


Page 270 – The Long Range Bomber – by Bomb-Rack

(“We all know that England is vulnerable to air attack on a large scale from the continent ……..”)


Page 272 – The Progress of Civil Aviation in Argentina – Rupert Croft-Cooke


Page 274 – Air Forces of the World – (2) – Switzerland – by Our Special Correspondent

(I suspect this article is written by W. E. Johns as it is very much in his style)


Page 278 – Flying Publicity – J. Jay

(An article about Anthony Downing, London Film Productions’ pilot publicity man)


Page 279 – A colour full page advert for Lockheed Hydraulic Actuation



Pages 280 and 281 – The Centre Pages – “Among Those Present” – Some of the new Military Aircraft which have been in the limelight during the past month (no “Spitfire” picture, but there is one of the “Hurricane” – “it travels a good deal faster than the aerial disturbance from which it takes its name”)


Page 282 – Four glossy black and white photographs


Page 283 – Flying Wires – Brief News from Far and Near


Page 284 – The Ground Floor of Aviation – Ground Engineering as a career for women – Dorothy Spicer

(“May I introduce you to the ants of the aviation world, to the little workers who stay on the ground

while the bees and the butterflies spread their wings in the sun”)


Page 286 – Had the Aero-Bicycle Arrived? – by “Vigilant”

(This article is about Karl Dunnebeil’s attempts to win a prize in Frankfurt by flying 500 metres under muscle power alone.  He managed 235 metres)


Page 288 – Shot Down – Another Adventure – J. H. Crowe

(“In my log book, under the date September 21st 1918, is the laconic entry “Bombing Bazeul Aerodrome.  Shot down.  Landed Grevillers”.  That is all, with the exception that the flight lasted two hours and 20 minutes and was carried out at a height of 4,000 feet”)



Page 294 – Under the Windstocking

(“Readers’ Correspondence, conducted by the Editor” –

There is an amusing “exam paper” here, sent in by one reader)


Page 295 - Slipstream


Page 308 – The Buyers’ Log


Inside Back Cover – An advert for Classic Curly Cut – The smoke without “Fire”


Click here to see a much larger picture of the cover artwork – the artist is Howard Leigh