June 1937

Volume 6 Number 3  (63 of 88)




This issue of Popular Flying magazine features NO “Biggles” story.  The last “Biggles” story was published in the May 1934 issue



This issue runs from page 113 to page 172 (60 pages)


Page 116 – Rolls-Royce Advert


Page 118 – Contents Page

(The contents page is by an advert for British Airways)


Page 120 – Modern Equipment – A photograph of the recently opened terminal building at Jersey Airport


Page 121 – The Editor’s Cockpit – W. E. Johns

(Not subtitled – Johns talks about the future of aviation and how use of steam ships and trains will decline as everyone travels by air – very prophetic –This Editorial is back to three pages)


Page 124 – Fly Over Britain – Capt. C. E. Ward

(“Big Air Line Programme for Coronation Year”)


Page 127 – Aerodrome Holidays

(“Have you ever thought of combining learning to fly with the annual respite from the office?)



Pages 130 – A Holiday in the Sun – by W. E. J.

(Johns talks about his holidays in Europe.  “At one time or another I have flown pretty well all over it; I have traversed much of it, between Dieppe and Stavros, on and in all sorts of craft from motor-cars to mule.  I have also tramped much of it on the soles of my feet, and this is the way I like best, for it gives one time to look around and to get to know the people.  And let me say here that the people of Europe are a good crowd, despite the efforts of poisoned-tongued propagandists who know only of other people by creatures of their own kidney and do their best to make us hated for a lot of vacillating, pretentious snobs.  Until the people of the world get together, race hatred will persist because it is the policy of those who govern us to see that this is so.  Never mind why, but it is so.”)


Page 135 – Air Holidays Abroad – by J. Carmichael

(This article is written by W. E. Johns’ son)


Page 141 – Scandinavian Holiday – By one who has been – and enjoyed it  (anonymous author – presumably W. E. Johns again!)

(An account of the Spanish Civil War – including an astonishing story of a Russian pilot who was forced to parachute to safety over enemy troops and pretended to shoot himself to stop them shooting at him!  He survived, although badly burnt, and made it to hospital.)



Pages 142 and 143 – The Centre Pages – The World on Wings – A Pictorial Record of the Month


Page 144 – With 47 Squadron in South Russia – E. W. Reynolds

(“Yet another angle on war flying.  This story told by one of the “other ranks” of life in the “other ranks”, is a classic of its kind.

It is absolutely untouched, and rings true in every line. – Ed”)


Page 148 – D.C.2 Movie Stars – Harrison Forman

(An account by the Technical Director for “Lost Horizon” of the making of that film)


Page 150 – Modern Aircraft – The Taylor “Cub”


Page 152 – Flying Wires – Brief News from Far and Near


Page 154 – Under the Windstocking

(“Readers’ Correspondence, conducted by the Editor”)


Page 156 – The Aviation Bookshelf – Air Books of the Month

(4 books are reviewed)


Page 158 – “Clubsidies” – C. A. Nepean Bishop

(“As the primary purpose of a subsidy is to assist flying clubs so that they may be able to train pilots at a charge within reach of the average man or womn, it must be the main principle of such assistance that the business done by the clubs allows a reasonable profit to be made, together with a margin to encourage initiative and expansion, otherwise the scheme defeats its purpose at once”)


Page 172 – The Buyers’ Log


Inside Back Cover – An advert for ‘Classic Curly Cut’ – “The tobacco without a temperament”


Click here to see a much larger picture of the cover artwork – the artist is Howard Leigh