January 1936

Volume 4 Number 10  (46 of 88)


This issue of Popular Flying magazine features NO “Biggles” story.  The last “Biggles” story was published in the May 1934 issue



This issue runs from page 521 to page 576 (56 pages)


Page 526 – Contents Page

(The contents page is on the same page as a small photograph of an unknown biplane)




Page 528 – Come and Get it.  A fine photograph of an air gunner in action


Page 529 – The Editor’s Cockpit – W. E. Johns

(Subtitled “The Airport Scandal” – Johns talks about how people who want to build an airport are scammed and ripped off by the landowners around the airport who put obstacles in their way and who will only sell for inflated prices)


Page 531 – Record Breaking Down Africa – David W. Llewellyn (who recently broke the Cape to England record)

(On page 534 a photograph of giraffes are referred to as “Cameleopards” …….. I had never heard that before now)


Page 536 – Re-Union Memories- Sergt. – Major A. A. Nicod (Late of No. 60 Squadron, R. F. C., and R. A. F.)

(“The photographs on these pages are not remarkable for their artistic or technical merit.  On the contrary, some of them are bad, even for the amateurs whose work they were.  Nevertheless, they are of vital interest now, and always will be while tradition is worth while, for they show pictures that have hitherto existed only in the imagination – at least, of the majority” – this collection of photographs include photos of Captain Albert Ball V.C. when off duty and relaxing)


Page 541 – Planes of History (No. 37) – The A. E. G. Bomber (by request) – uncredited illustrator but presumably Howard Leigh


Page 542 – Clouds Over Africa – A photograph

(Underneath this photograph is a few line of verse by Wordsworth

“The clouds that gather round the setting sun

Do take a sober colouring from an eye

That hath kept watch o’er man’s mortality”


Page 543 – A Raid with Count Ciano – Over the Abysinian Lines in a Bomber – I. Barcs

(“Who we believe, is the only War Correspondent at the Front who has made a trip over hostile country in an Italian military aeroplane.  We publish this story, without prejudice, purely for its air interest”)


Page 545 – Para-Shoots

(This is a collection of odd facts and titbits of information such as “The first baby to be born in an aeroplane was a Canadian baby born in a Canadian plane flying over Canada”)


Page 546 – Flying Wires – From Home Airports




Pages 548 and 549 – The Centre Pages – Antarctica – a selection of photographs of the Antarctic


Page 550 – Recollections and Reflections (II) – Lanoe Hawker, V. C. – A. J. Insall


Page 553 – The Mogul’s Dream – A Christmas Story – John Templer


Page 555 – Air Post Notes and News – Francis J. Field


Page 556 – Under the Windstocking

(“Readers’ Correspondence, conducted by the Editor”

This features a letter from G. R. McCubbin explaining exactly how he shot down the German Ace, Max Immelmann.)


 Page 558 – The Hun in the Chimney – Capt. R. Gordon-Berry

(“Who assures us that this story is true in substance if not in detail; the principals are well known to him, but the names have been altered for obvious reasons”)




Page 561 – Can you Laugh?


Page 562 – Another Flying Scale Model – The Sopwith “Camel” – L. M. Walker


Page 566 – War Birds Lunch – A footnote

(“Other War Birds are cordially invited to the “show” which will in future take place on the first Friday of every month.  To facilitate recognition please wear “the old school tie” of the R.F.C. or R.A.F.  Time:  twelve noon for one o’clock”)


Page 568 – Aviation Bookshelf


Page 576 – The Buyers’ Log


On the inside back cover the John Hamilton book advert is headed “The Airman’s Bookshelf” – advertising 13 books with illustrations of five of the dust jackets.  Titles include ‘Air V.C.’s’ and ‘Thrilling Flights’ by W. E. Johns.


Click here to see a much larger picture of the cover artwork – the artist is Howard Leigh