June 1935

Volume 4 Number 3  (39 of 88)

This issue of Popular Flying magazine features NO “Biggles” story.  The last “Biggles” story was published in the May 1934 issue



This issue runs from page 113 to page 168 (56 pages)



Page 118 – Contents Page

(The contents page is on the same page as an untitled photograph of nine bi-planes)


Page 119 – The Editor’s Cockpit – W. E. Johns

(In an unsubtitled editorial Johns talks about the fear of war that is growing “I don’t want war; you don’t want war; no common citizen I know in any country in Europe wants war.  Yet we are being headed straight for it.  The Government knows it.  Every Government in Europe knows it.  Every man in the world who has any sort of brain to think with, knows it.  But the war-makers won’t be killed.  I shall be; and so will you.  Yet we stand for it.  What can we do about it?  Nothing!  Not a thing …….”)




Page 121 – German Air Force Equipment – What the Pilots of the New Circuses will fly – by our Special Correspondent


Page 124 – Premonition – A True Tale of 1916 – C. Riley


Page 127 – Holidays by Air (Continued) – Majorca and N. Africa – W. E. Johns (uncredited)

(This article includes photos of Johns and “Mrs W.E.J”.  In fact, Johns was not married to Doris, his partner)


Page 130 – Training Without Power – Andrew R. Boone

“(United States Navy Pilots now begin Ab Initio Training in Gliders”)


Page 132 – My Most Thrilling Flight – Mrs. Keith Miller

(This account was not published in 1936 in the book ‘Thrilling Flights’)


Page 134 – Aviation and the Collector – by R. O.-S.


Page  137 – The Passarola – A quaint early Portuguese effort to achieve Flight


Page 138 – Flying Wires – News from All Quarters




Pages 140 and 141 – The Centre Pages – Off Singapore – An illustration by Frank L. Westley


Page 142 – Recollections and Reflections on Historical Inaccuracy – A. J. Insall




Page 146 – Portraits for Posterity (No. 14) – Captain W. G. Barker, V.C., D.S.O., M.C.

(Major (he was later promoted) Barker survived the War with 52 confirmed victories.

He was killed whilst flying a civil aeroplane in Canada on March 12, 1930)




Page 148 – A photograph of some of the winning models in the recent “Skybirds” Competition, with the prizes they won

(You will notice two copies of “The Air V.C.’s” by W.E. Johns)


Page 149 – “Oupe F’r T’Coope” – The Coupe de France – W. Rigby

(“An Eyewitness Account of the Parisian International Model Aircraft Competition”)


Page 150 – Under the Windstocking

(“A Reply to Udet” – F. J. Hunt writes in to take issue with points made by Udet in the May 1935 edition)


Page 152 – The Crusader – A Complete Story by Wilfrid Tremellen




Page 155 – An Advert for Castrol XXL and De Havilland aircraft


Page 160 – Aviation Bookshelf – Astronautics – The First British Book on Rocket Flight


Page 168 – The Buyers’ Log


On the back cover the usual John Hamilton advert is no longer there ……….


Click here to see a much larger picture of the cover artwork – the artist is unknown

The picture is titled “The Eternal Question”