September 1934

Volume 3 Number 6  (30 of 88)

This issue of Popular Flying magazine features NO “Biggles” story.  The last “Biggles” story was published in the May 1934 issue



This issue runs from page 273 to page 328 (56 pages)



Page 278 – Contents Page


Page 280 – “An Amazing Action Photograph of a German Balloon Observer Leaving his Drachen in a Hurry”


Page 281 – The Editor’s Cockpit – W. E. Johns

(Subtitled – The Air Exercises)




Page 283 – Hermann Goring – A glance at the flying career of one of the most talked of men in Europe to-day,

with his own story of his eighth victory

(Translated by Claud W. Sykes)




Page 286 – Why Not Learn to Glide? – J. R. Ashwell-Cooke

(On Page 289 is a list of Gliding Clubs)


Page 290 – Bob Short – Air Hero of the Shanghai War – Harrison Forman




Page 293 – Portraits for Posterity (3) – Captain Andrew Weatherby Beauchamp-Proctor, V.C., D.S.O., M.C, D.F.C.,

(“Captain Beauchamp-Proctor who was a South African, was killed on June 21st 1921, at Upavon, whilst practising for the R.A.F. display.  His machine was seen to go into a spin after looping, and fall out of control”)


Page 294 – The King’s Cup Race – 43 Aeroplanes Line Up For The Big Race

(The winner was Flt.-Lieut. H. M. Schofield who co-wrote with W.E. Johns ‘The Pictorial Flying Course’

A photograph of Schofield can be seen on Page 323 in a Shell advert)


Page 296 – Modern British Aeroplanes (5) – The Avro Club Cadet – Flt.-Lieut. C. Turner-Hughes


Page 298 – My Most Thrilling Flight – Blue Sparks – J. H. Crowe

(This account was not published in 1936 in the book ‘Thrilling Flights’)




Pages 300 and 301 – The Centre Pages –  “Dousing the Glim – 1918” and “In the Beam – 1934”

The illustrations are uncredited


Page 302 – Lessons of Air Racing – Gabrielle Patterson (The only woman to compete in the King’s Cup Race)


Page 303 – Planes of History (No. 30) – The Sopwith Snipe – illustrated by Howard Leigh


Page 304 – Flying Wires – Condensed News Items intercepted during the month


Page 306 – Navigation for the Amateur Pilot – P. Goudime


Page 307 – The Tale of Tilly – A Ground Engineer’s Story – Arthur Cave


Page 312 – A. S.T. – Air Service Training – A visit to the most up-to-date Flying School in the world.


Page 314 – The Aviation Bookshelf


Page 316 – Under the Windstocking

(“A Warbird Speaks”)


Page 322 – Told on the Tarmac




Page 323 – An Advert for Aeroshell Lubricating Oid and Shell Aviation Petrol

(Featuring a photograph of Flt. Lieut. H. M. Schofield, winner of the King’s Cup)


Page 328 – The Buyers’ Log


On the back cover is the usual John Hamilton advert – for 9 of their books.

There is again a prominent advert for Wings Flying Thrills (paper-backed version) by such well-known authors as Captain W. E. Johns; Captain Heydemarck, “Vigilant” and Arch Whitehouse.  A wonderful shillingsworth.”

There are also adverts for ‘The Cockpit’ and ‘Planes of the Great War 1914 – 1918’ by Howard Leigh”

and ‘Biggles Flies Again’ and ‘Camel are Coming’ by Captain W. E. Johns


Click here to see a much larger picture of the cover artwork – the artist appears to be credited in the bottom right hand corner but the name is too small to read - the picture is entitled “Chasing the Contours”