March 1934

Volume 2 Number 12  (24 of 88)

This issue of Popular Flying magazine features the “Biggles” story


Down in the Forest



This issue runs from page 613 to page 660 (48 pages)



Page 614 – Contents Page


Page 616 – En Route – A Photograph of a United Air Lines Air-liner in Flight (from San Francisco to New York)


Page 617 – The Editor’s Cockpit – W. E. Johns

(Subtitled – Merely Historical and Rule Britannia – an editorial in which Johns talks about the fall of the Roman Empire and compares it to what is happening with the Government of the day.)


Page 620 – The Gotha Raiders – Part 1 – The Daylight Raids and Part 2 – The Night Raids – Thomas A. Lloyd


Page 624 – The American Way – E. C. Gordon England


Page 627 – The Airspeed “Courier” – Flight-Lieut. C. K. Turner-Hughes


Page 629 – Federation Aeronautique Internationale – Major John Darwin

(A resume of the work of that mysterious but important body, known as the F. A. I.,

which controls sporting flying throughout the world)


Page 631 – Shnyder – A Ten-Minute Story of Topical Interest – John Templar


Page 632 – Patents for Inventions – H. T. P. Gee (The well-known London Patent Expert)




Pages 636 and 637 - The Centre Pages – Representative British Aircraft of all Types – illustrated by Will Forest




Page 638 – Down in the Forest – A “Biggles” Story – W. E. Johns

This Biggles story continues on pages 639, 640 and 642

The illustrations are uncredited but may be by Edward Oldham.

W. E. Johns is not credited at all on this story.

In August 1934 this story was published in the fourth Biggles book – “Biggles Flies Again”


Page 641 - Planes of History (No. 24) – The D.H.5 – illustrated by Howard Leigh




Page 643 – An Advert for Napier Engines - R.A.F. West African Tour


Page 645 – Models A La Mode – Some Non-Flying, Non-Scale Models


Page 646 – A boxed note from the editor is at the foot of this page

(“FOUND at the Schoolboys’ Exhibition, White City, a notebook containing collected aeronautical data, Owner may have same by describing contents to the Editor.   JULY, 1932 – Mr. D. Turkington, 2 Antigua Street, Greenock, Scotland has a copy of the July 1932, issue for sale.  Write direct.  Also Mr. C. E. Lisle, 59, Richard’s Terrace, Roath, Cardiff”

 I can’t imagine any magazines of today putting such a note in their magazine)


Page 648 – Under the Windstocking

(Readers’ Letters.  Conducted by the Editor

One letter sets out how France is more than a threat than Germany.  “Even if Germany were allowed to re-arm tomorrow, it would take her a long time to catch up with France, and the latter country would surely declare war before that time”.

 He was wrong)


Page 650 – Told on the Tarmac


Page 657 – The Aviation Bookshelf


Page 659 – The Buyers’ Log


On the back cover is the usual John Hamilton advert – this time for 9 of their books.

They include ‘The Pictorial Flying Course’ by Flight-Lieut. H. M. Schofield and Flying-Officer W. E. Johns and ‘Fighting Planes and Aces’ by Flying-Officer W. E. Johns


Click here to see a much larger picture of the cover artwork – the artist is Eric Duncan