January 1934

Volume 2 Number 10  (22 of 88)

This issue of Popular Flying magazine features the “Biggles” story


Savages and Wings



This issue runs from page 521 to page 568 (48 pages)



Page 522 – Contents Page


Page 524 – Ride Him, Cloudboy! – A Photograph of the latest Cierva Autogiro, known at the C.30P


Page 525 – The Editor’s Cockpit – W. E. Johns

(Subtitled – 1934 – in which Johns reveals that last month’s printing order

 was for 24,000 copies compared to 15,000 copies some 20 months before.)




Page 526 – Where Stands Germany? – by the Editor W. E. Johns

(A very astute article about the prospects of another war.  “History is repeating itself very clearly.  Another war was made inevitable by the Treaty of Versailles ……..” says Johns – and how right he was!)


Page 529 – Night Flight – The Story of the Film – From the book by Antoine de Saint Exupery


Page 530 – Night Flight – The Real Thing – Dick Bowman (United Air Lines Transport Pilot)

(A vivid description of night flying in the U.S.A., where air transportation by night has been developed to a point far beyond anything that exists in Europe)




Page 534 – A Visit to the Richthofen Museum – John C. Hook


Page 536 – Performance – The Miles “Hawk” - Flight-Lieut. C. Turner-Hughes

(The First of a New Series of Articles in which the Chief Characteristics of Modern British Aircraft are explained)


Page 538 – Blazing the Trail – Baghdad to Cairo 1923 – C. H. Bennett




Page 540 – Savages and Wings – A “Biggles” Story – An Adventure in the Land of the Head Hunters – W. E. Johns

This Biggles story continues on pages 541, 542, 552 and 566

The illustrations are by Edward Oldham.

W. E. Johns is not credited at all on this story.

In August 1934 this story was published in the fourth Biggles book – “Biggles Flies Again”


Page 543 - Planes of History (No. 22) – The Hannoveraner – illustrated by Howard Leigh




Pages 544 and 545 - The Centre Pages – “Undressed” – an illustration by P. Stimpson

of the constructional details of a Hart 2 Seater Day Bomber


Page 546 – Readers’ Snaps – Old and New


Page 547 – The Air League of the British Empire – Increasing the Royal Air Force


Page 548 – Captain Albert Ball, V.C., D.S.O.


Page 549 – Under the Windstocking

(Readers’ Letters.  Conducted by the Editor

The letter about the fly from the November 1933 issue gets an answer here.  “In landing on the ceiling he pulls up to the top of a loop, then touches down (or is it “up”?).  In landing head-down on the wall he performs a sort of half Immelmann turn” zooming to the perpendicular, turning over on one wing-tip, then touching down”)




Page 550 – War in the Air with the R.F.C. in France

(An Advert for the “Schoolboys’ Own Exhibition” – December 28th 1933 – January 13th 1934 – Admission 1/6

“Historical Flying Films, including the British Official War Flying Pictures, explained in a Lecture by Capt. W. E. Johns


Page 553 – A Model Comper Swift – J. L. Oliver


Page 554 – Told on the Tarmac – News from Here and There


Page 556 – Air Post Stamps – Francis J. Field


Page 558 – Schools and Clubs




Page 564 – An Advert for “Winged Words”

(Here is an entirely new range of Christmas Cards, illustrated by Capt. W.E. Johns with designs of civil and military aircraft)


Page 567 – The Buyers’ Log

(The best advert here is “Young man, age 21, wants Parachute Jumping, Test or otherwise, will take chances.

Write to E. Weakford,10 Vicars Road, London. N.W.5.)


On the back cover is the usual John Hamilton advert – this time for 22 of their books.  They include ‘The Cruise of the Condor’ by Flying-Officer W. E. Johns, ‘The Pictorial Flying Course’ by Flight-Lieut. H. M. Schofield and Flying-Officer W. E. Johns, ‘The Spyflyers’ by Flying-Officer W. E. Johns, ‘Fighting Planes and Aces’ by Flying-Officer W. E. Johns and ‘Wings: Flying Adventures edited by Flying-Officer W. E. Johns.


Click here to see a much larger picture of the cover artwork – the artist is unknown