November 1933

Volume 2 Number 8  (20 of 88)

This issue of Popular Flying magazine features the “Biggles” story


Beauty and the Beast



This issue runs from page 405 to page 456 (52 pages)


Page 408 – Contents Page


Page 410 – A Photographic Portrait of Colonel W. A. Bishop, V.C. D.S.O. (the leading surviving British “Ace”)


Page 411 – The Editor’s Cockpit – W. E. Johns

(Subtitled – Some Facts and Figures – This is about the Directorate of Civil Aviation’s published ‘Report on the Progress of Civil Aviation, 1932’ which sets out some interesting facts and figures.  For example, Flying for hire or reward in the U.K. for the five year period 1928 – 1932, 170,900 flights were made per passenger killed, and 427,200 per passenger injured.  Over the same period 1,094,000 aircraft miles were flown per accident in which the occupants were killed or injured.)


Page 412 – Dependability – The Main Factor – Air Commodore Sir Charles Kingsford-Smith


Page 414 – The Case for the Attack-Ship – Alfred Cellier (The American Authority on Military Aviation)


Page 417 – The Zepp Straffers – Thomas A. Lloyd (Author of “Reminiscences of 39 Squadron, R.A.F”)




Page 420 – Beauty and the Beast – A “Biggles” Story – W. E. Johns

This Biggles story continues on pages 421, 422, 446 and 454

The illustrations are by Edward Oldham.

W. E. Johns is not credited at all on this story.

In August 1934 this story was published in the fourth Biggles book – “Biggles Flies Again”


Page 423 – A New British Aircraft – The Comper “Mouse” – A 3-Seater Cabin Monoplane with D.H. Gipsy Major Engine


Page 424 – My Most Thrilling Flight – Lieut. V. D. Grant

(This account was published in 1936 in the book ‘Thrilling Flights’ as the 14th of 20 accounts)


Page 426 – The Coast Defence Exercises – Sham War That Makes History – Major C. C. Turner


Page 429 – Planes of History – The Sopwith One-And-A-Half Strutter – illustrated by Howard Leigh




Pages 430 and 431 - The Centre Pages – “Going Down!” – an illustration by Frank L. Westley


Page 432 – Oswald Boelcke – Knight of Germany – W. E. Johns


Page 434 – Under the Windstocking

(Readers’ Letters.  Conducted by the Editor

This continues onto page 455 where my favourite letter is “Dear Sir – My friend and I have been trying

hard to find out if a fly half-rolls or loops to land on the ceiling.  We have caught two or three and put

 them in a jar, but the little blighters are too quick for us.  Can any of your readers answer this question?)


Page 436 – The Air League of the British Empire – The Air and the Navy


Page 438 – Combat Tactics – Continued from Last Month – “Tracer”


Page 442 – Motor Mutterings – “Janus”


Page 444 – Slipstream


Page 448 – Air Post Stamps – Modern British Air Mails




Page 449 – Full Page Cartoon by John Reynolds Advertising Shell


Page 450 – Model Planes – The Airspeed “Courier”


Page 452 – Round the Schools and Clubs


Page 454 – The Aviation Bookshelf


Page 456 – The Buyers’ Log


On the back cover is the usual John Hamilton advert – this time for 28 of their books.

They include – for the first time – an illustration of ‘Cruise of the Condor’ by Flying-Officer W. E. Johns.  Other Johns books advertised are ‘The Pictorial Flying Course’ by Flight-Lieut. H. M. Schofield and Flying-Officer W. E. Johns

and ‘The Spyflyers’ as it is now correctly titled, again by Flying-Officer W. E. Johns, ‘Fighting Planes and Aces’ by Flying-Officer W. E. Johns and ‘The Camels are Coming by W. E. Johns (William Earle).

‘Wings: Flying Adventures edited by Flying-Officer W. E. Johns is also advertised.


Click here to see a much larger picture of the cover artwork – the artist is Eric Duncan