Volume 2 Number 6  (18 of 88)

This issue of Popular Flying magazine features the “Biggles” story


The Blue Orchid



This issue runs from page 293 to page 348 (56 pages)



Page 294 – Contents Page


Page 297 – Who’s Who in Aviation - A Photographic Portrait of The Rt. Hon. The Lord Mottistone of Mottistone

(better known as Fighting Jack Seely) – Chairman of the Air League of the British Empire


Page 298 – The Editor’s Cockpit – W. E. Johns

(Subtitled – Lift Up Your Eyes – “Shall England dream when days demand her watchful and awake?”)



The Blue Orchid


Page 301 – The Blue Orchid – Another “Biggles” Adventure – W. E. Johns

This Biggles story continues on pages 302, 303 and 340

The illustrations are by Edward Oldham.

W. E. Johns is not credited at all on this story.

In August 1934 this story was published in the fourth Biggles book – “Biggles Flies Again”


Page 304 – A holiday by Air – Flt. – Lieut. Guy Du Boulay (Retd.)


Page 307 – How Manfred von Richthofen died – The Baroness K. von Richthofen

(This article is by his mother who organised a Richthofen Exhibition

on the fifteenth anniversary of his death on 21st April 1918)


Page 310 – Power Units – Capt. Charles E. Ward

(This article is all about different internal-combustion engines used for flying)


Page 313 – The Air Exercises – Major C. C. Turner


Page 315 – Photography from the Air – P. Terence Griffith


Page 317 – Smuggling by Air – “Canuck” – The well known writer on Canada


Page 318 – Pilots – Past and Present – various photographs of groups of pilots



A Tough Proposition


Pages 320 and 321 – The Centre Pages – A Tough Proposition – illustrated by Frank L. Westley


Page 322 – Planes of History – The Handley Page – illustrated by Howard Leigh


Page 303 – The Air League of the British Empire – Notice to Members


Page 324 – The Dove of Peace – a two page illustrated poem – L. D. T.


Page 326 – Joyriding and Joyriders – Pauline Gower


Page 327 – Sideslips – Geoffrey Dorman


Page 329 – Slipstream – News from all Quarters


Page 331 – A Model Sailplane – W. Rigby


Page 332 – Round the Schools and Clubs

(This features a caricatures of Capt. H. Duncan Davis (Managing Director of Brooklands Aviation Ltd and Brooklands School of Flying)


Page 336 – The Aviation Bookshelf


Page 338 – Under the Windstocking

(Readers’ Correspondence)


Page 342 – Air Post Stamps – A Tragic Flight – The Lithuanian Transatlantic Mail Stamps


Page 345 – Parliamentary Paragraphs – Aviation News from the House of Commons

(Discussions in the House include ones that are still with us today

 – Annoyance caused by Low Flying and More Complaints about Engine Noise)


Page 347 – The Buyers’ Log


On the back cover is the usual John Hamilton advert – this time for 15 of their books.

Including – “The Spy Flyer” by Flying Officer W. E. Johns (still not The Spy FlyerS) and the now correctly titled Cruise of the Condor by Flying Officer W. E. Johns – the second Biggles book published in August 1933.

‘Wings: Flying Adventures’ edited by Flying Officer W. E. Johns is also advertised as is ‘The Pictorial Flying Course’ by Schofield and Johns.



Click here to see a much larger picture of the cover artwork – the artist is Frank L. Westley