JUNE 1933

Volume 2 Number 3  (15 of 88)


This issue of Popular Flying magazine is the only 1933 issue NOT to feature a “Biggles” story


Biggles next features in the July 1933 issue




This issue runs from page 113 to page 168 (56 pages)


Page 4 - The usual back cover John Hamilton advert is now on Page 4  – this time for 13 of their books on the theme.  It includes ‘Fighting Planes and Ace’ By Flying-Officer W. E. Johns, ‘The Pictorial Flying Course’ by Flight-Lieut. H. M. Schofield and Flying-Officer W. E. Johns and ‘The Camels are Coming’ by W. E. Johns (William Earle).  “All readers who have made the acquaintance of “Biggles” in Popular Flying will want this book.



Page 116 – Contents Page


Page 118 – A Well-Known Pilot - A Portrait of Colonel The Master of Sempill, Director of National Flying Services and President of the Royal Aeronautical Society 1928, 1929 and 1930, from a painting by Captain C. T. Orde


Page 119 – The Editor’s Cockpit – W. E. Johns

(Subtitled – The Air Mails: Romance or Reason?  The editorial also deals with Everest the Unconquered)


Page 121 – The Adjutant’s Windfall – A Complete Story of Topical Interest – John Templer

(A box in the middle of page 122, the second page of this story, announces “A new series of short stories, dealing with the post-war exploits of “Biggles” and his comrades of 266 Squadron, R.F.C., begins next month”)


Page 123 – Modern British Aircraft (2) – The Hawk”

(This is actually the third in the series of ‘Modern British Aircraft’ articles but it is numbered 2)


Page 124 – Guarding Our Right Flank – “Convoy Leader”


Page 127 – My Most Thrilling DAY– Stewart Keith Jopp

(This article in the “Thrilling Flights” series has a different title to usual.

This account was NOT published in the book ‘Thrilling Flights’)


Page 129 – Planes of History – The Albatros D.111 – illustrated by Howard Leigh

(“So many readers have written complaining of the withdrawal of our War-time “Planes of History” series, that we are continuing them for a time”)


Page 130 – Knights of Other Days – A further collection of war pictures which may not have been published before


Page 132 – Aviation as a Career (4) – Major Oliver Stewart

(This article contains an interesting table about “Commissioned Service in the Royal Air Force” and methods of entry)


Page 135 – Animal Life on the African Airways – R. Brenard


Page 137 – Metal Construction – Our Monthly Semi-Technical Article – Air Commodore J. A. Chamier


Page 139 – A Problem in Aerobatics – Wilfrid Tremellen




Pages 140 and 141 - The Centre Pages – Everest The Unconquered – Close-Ups of the Crest




Page 144 – Popular Motoring! – An advert for the Standard Motor Company Limited

(This page is a first for Popular Flying because it is landscape rather than portrait)


Page 146 – Told on the Tarmac

(A boxed note says that next month’s issue will be a special R.A.F. Display Number complete with colour plate)


Page 148 – Combat Tactics – Continued from a Previous Number – “Tracer”


Page 150 – A half page advert for Hillman’s Airways

(This shows the cost of a flight to Paris – Single and Return)


Page 152 – Round the Schools & Clubs


Page 157 – A Balsa Low-Wing Model – W. Rigby

(The following page – 158 – contains detailed plans for the model)


 Page 160 – The Aviation Bookshelf

(This continues onto page 164 where there is an advert for Thos. Cook & Son Ltd with various prices to worldwide locations that make very interesting reading)


Page 167 – The Buyers’ Log

(Various Adverts)



Click here to see a much larger picture of the cover artwork – the artist is W. E. Johns himself