Volume 1 Number 11  (11 of 88)

This issue of Popular Flying magazine features the “Biggles” story


The Joy Ride



This issue runs from page 613 to page 668 (56 pages)


Page 613 – Contents Page

(The “Biggles” story in this index is referred to as “The Joy-Ride” with a hyphen but the actual story isn’t)


Page 615 – The Editor’s Cockpit – W. E. Johns

(Subtitled – Air Transportation – A Passenger’s Plaint)




Page 618 – The Joy Ride – A New “Biggles” Story – W. E. Johns

This Biggles story continues on pages 619 and 620

The illustrations are by Edward Oldham and Howard Leigh.

W. E. Johns is not credited at all on this story.

In March 1934 this story was published in the third Biggles book – “Biggles of the Camel Squadron”


Page 612 – Blind Flying is the Fashion – Winifred Brown


Page 624 – Bristol Built – L. G. Callingham



Page 627 – More Faked Dog Fights


434Page 628 – My Most Thrilling Flight – Pauline Gower

(This lady was the third woman to have a “B” Licence in this country.

This account was published in 1936 in the book ‘Thrilling Flights’ as the 12th of 20 accounts)


Page 630 – Arms and the Man  - Photographs from the Imperial War Museum


Page 632 - Knights of the Air – Captain Albert Ball VC, DSO, MC


Page 635 – Early Days – Some Personal Recollections – Harry Harper

(This article has some photos of Orville and Wilbur Wright and tells us, amongst other things that the First Lord of the Admiralty wrote to them and said “I have consulted my expert advisers with regard to your suggestion as to the employment of aeroplanes and I regret to have to tell you, after the careful consideration of my Board, that the Admiralty, whilst thanking you for so kindly bringing the proposals to their notice, are of opinion that they would not be of any practical use to the Naval Service”.


Page 637 – Planes of History – The F.E.


Page 638 – A Trip Round “Mespot” – (Photographs from Iraq)




Pages 640 and 641 - The Centre Pages – an illustration by Howard Leigh – “Rode the Six Hundred”


Page 642 – A Naval Occasion – A Short Story Founded on Facts by E.A.S.


Page 644 – The Aeronautical and Automobile Engineering Dinner

(Caricatures by Fred May)


Page 648 – Tarmac Scrapings – by ToothComber


Page 650 – Motor Musings – “Janus”


Page 652 – Falcons of France – A Thrilling Serial of War in the Air – Charles Nordhoff and J. N. Hall

(This continues onto page 654 where the results of the Christmas Mix-Up Competition are also given)


Page 656 – Told on the Tarmac


Page 659 – Round the Schools & Clubs


 Page 661 – The Aviation Bookshelf


Page 664 – More Readers’ Photographs (Some Ingenious Scale Models) and Plane Models (The Sopwith Camel)


Page 666 – By Air Mail – Useful Information


Page 612  – The Buyers’ Log

(Where to Fly)


Page 668 – Under the Windstocking

(What Readers Think.  Conducted by the Editor)


On the inside back cover is the usual John Hamilton advert – for 16 of their books including Capt. W. E. Johns books ‘Fighting Planes and Aces’, ‘The Pictorial Flying Course’ and ‘The Camels are Coming’.  ‘Wings: Flying Adventures’ edited by W. E. Johns is also on the list



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