Volume 1 Number 7  (7 of 88)


This issue of Popular Flying magazine features the “Biggles” story


 A Battle of Flowers



This issue runs from page 369 to page 424 (56 pages)


Page 370 – Contents Page

(The contents page has now move to a page on the left rather than a page on the right)


Page 373 – The Editor’s Cockpit – W. E. Johns

(Subtitled – Wanted – A Cheap Light Plane)


Page 375 – Control Tower Calling – Arthur Cave


Page 378 – Aircraft Noise – E. N. B. Bentley


Page 380 – My Most Thrilling Flight – Major Charles G. Barker

(This account was published in 1936 in the book ‘Thrilling Flights’ as the 8th of 20 accounts)


Page 383 – Planes of History – The Bristol Fighter


Page 384 – Darkest Africa Filmed from the Air – with Cobham to Lake Kivu

(Page 385 features a photograph of two bare breasted African ladies - surprising in a 1930’s publication)




Page 386 – A Battle of Flowers – A “Biggles” Story – William Earle

This Biggles story continues on page 387 and 410

The illustrations are by Howard Leigh.

William Earle was, of course, a pseudonym for W. E. Johns, his first names being William Earl (without the ‘e’)

In August 1932 this story was published in the first Biggles book – “The Camels are Coming” with a slight name change – it became “THE Battle of Flowers” rather than “A Battle of Flowers”.


Page 388 – The Empire Learns to Fly – Aviation in Australia – Capt. C. E. Ward


Page 390 –With Spurs On – A Short Story – Oliver Way


Page 392 – This Months News in Pictures


Page 394 - Knights of the Air – Major Francesco Baracca




Pages 396 and 397 - The Centre Pages – an illustration by Howard Leigh – ‘Trapped’


Page 399 – Falcons of France – A Thrilling Serial of War in the Air – Charles Nordhoff and J. N. Hall


Page 404 – Ticket to Clacton!


Page 406 – Collecting Flown Covers – A Profitable Hobby – T. S. Denham


Page 408 – Did You Know? – A Collection of Interesting Aeronautical Facts


Page 412 – A School Model Aeroplane Club – F. W. Stuckey


Page 415 – Told on the Tarmac


Page 416 – Motor Mutterings – “Janus”




Page 419 – A full page advert for MG cars


Page 420 – Round the Schools and Clubs


Page 423 – The Buyers’ Log – Aircraft for Sale – Where to Fly – Opportunities


Page 424 – The Aviation Bookshelf – New Books for the Air Library

(This new feature reviewed five books.  At the end of the page was a three-panel cartoon)


Inside the back cover there is a John Hamilton advert for 11 of their books including Wings: Flying Adventures and Fighting Planes and Aces, respectively edited and written by Flying Officer (as he is credited) W. E. Johns.  Also included is The Pictorial Flying Course by H. M. Schofield and W. E. Johns and again states that back issues of the first two issues of Popular Flying Magazine are available “price 8d per copy, post free”.


Click here to see a much larger picture of the cover artwork – the artist is uncredited